"Flying may not be all plain sailing, but the fun of it is worth the price."

- Amelia Earhart
first president of
the Ninety-Nines

Mid-Atlantic Section

Going to 2008 Spring Section Meeting Gallery

Once a year, the Mid-Atlantic Section Ninety-Nines gather for a Section meeting. In 2008, a spring meeting was held in Williamsport, PA and was hosted by the Central Pennsylvania Chapter. Here are some of our photos.

  • Going to Section Meeting: Mary Wunder & Carole Wyman
    We arrive by air and car. Mary Wunder & Carole Wyman arriving in Williamsport.
  • Going to Section Meeting: Rose Brown & Peggy Doyle
  • Going to Section Meeting: Carol Church and Coleen Campbell
    We register: Carol Church, Central PA Chair, and Coleen Campbell.
  • Going to Section Meeting:  Welcome Reception
    We eat and talk (at table left to right): Barbara Wilper, Joan Brockett, Peggy Doyle and Rose Brown. Background: Gayl Henze (back left), Carol Church, Kate Macario, Adele Bedrossian (back right)
  • Going to Section Meeting: Anne Eriksen & Jane Waggoner
    We sell goods at our Fly Market: Delaware Chapter members Anne Eriksen and Chair, Jane Waggoner.
  • Going to Section Meeting: Alison Chalker Presiding
    We have our formal business meeting. Governor Alison Chalker presiding.
  • Going to Section Meeting: Tour 1
    We toured the facilities at the Pennsylvania College of Technology's Aviation Center.
  • Going to Section Meeting: Lycoming Tour 1
    We toured the Lycoming Engine plant.
  • Going to Section Meeting: Lycoming Tour 2
    It's the Govs (left to right): Past Governors Sharon Blodinger, Gayl Henze, Governor Alison Chalker, Governor Elect Sandra Hawkins, Past Governors Kate Macario and Ellen Nobles-Harris
  • Going to Section Meeting: Carol, Verba and Allison
    We eat some more: Carol Wyman, Ea PA Chapter Chair, Verba Moore, Hampton Roads Chapter Chair & Alison Chalker, Governor
  • Going to Section Meeting: Doris Grove Speaking
    Doris Grove, Central PA member and glider pilot spoke.
  • It's the Gov's
    (left to right) Past, Current and Future Governors Sharon Blodinger (2004-2006), Gayl Henze (1993-1997), Alison Chalker (2006-2008), Sandra Hawkins (2008-2010), Kate Macario (1966-1968) and Ellen Nobles-Harris (2000-2004)
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