"Flying may not be all plain sailing, but the fun of it is worth the price."

- Amelia Earhart
first president of
the Ninety-Nines

Mid-Atlantic Section

Airmarking Gallery -- Eastern PA at Chester County-Carleton Airport (MQS)

The Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter painted a compass rose and airport identifier at the Chester County-Carleton Airport (MQS) in May, 2008. See what is involved.

  • Nicole Graham mixing  the paint.
  • MQS Laying 99s Template
    After the white is painted, it is time to layout the template for the interlocking nines. Lola Tomlinson, Carol Knickerbocker, Adelle Bedrossian, Ginny Fanfera, Jen Stevens, Jenny Hough, Nicole Graham and Kate Macario.
  • MQS Family Painting #1
    Families even get involved. Kaitlyn Hill, Carol Knickerbocker and Heather Hill.
  • MQS Family Painting #2
    Taping the lines. Jen Stevens, top center; Autumn and Heather Hill, font center.
  • MQS Family Painting #3
    We start them early and husbands can paint too! Daniel, Amanda and Autumn Hill.
  • MQS Family Painting #4
  • MQS Kate Macario Painting
  • MQS Painting continues
    Painting continues. Carol Knickerbocker, Heather Hill, Nicole Graham, Ginny Fanfera, Kate Macario, Adelle Bedrossian, Jen Stevens.
  • MQS Time for lunch
    Time to take a break for lunch. Dan & Amanda Hill, Jen Stevens, Carol Wyman, Carol Knickerbocker, Lola Tomlinson, Heather & Kaitlyn Hill, Nicole Graham, Canivet Macario, Kate Macario, Autumn Hill, Adelle Bedrossian, Ginny Fanfera.
  • MQS  We're done!!
  • MQS Rose from the air
  • MQS Identifier complete
  • MQS Carol Wyman and Lola Tomlinson
    Carol Wyman & Lola Tomlinson laying out the lettering templates.
  • MQS Time for the Blue
    Working on the blue. Carol Knickerbocker, Nicole Graham, Heather, Kaitlyn and Autmn Hill, Ginny Fanfera, Jenny Hough, Adelle Bedrossian (center back).
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