"Flying may not be all plain sailing, but the fun of it is worth the price."

- Amelia Earhart
first president of
the Ninety-Nines

Mid-Atlantic Section

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Member Profiles

  • Barbara Zeigler
      (Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter Chairman)
  • Susan Passmore
      (Old Dominion Chapter Chairman and Diamond DA42-VI Owner)
  • Suzanne Collins
      (Hampton Roads Chapter Chair, 2009 Amelia Earhart Scholarship Winner, Civil Air Patrol Captain and NIFA Judge)
  • Arlene Butler Feldman
      (Recipient of the Presidential Rank Award for meritorious service in the area of aviation education. )

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Note: In April, 1992, the Middle East Section changed its name to the Mid-Atlantic Section to better reflect the states that make up the section.